1What is this page that CocoCut opens for?
For non-streaming files, CocoCut creates a new web page and then uses CocoCut's advanced multi-threaded downloading technology to cache the files to this web page for users to download. In the case that the file providing website supports multi-threaded download, the download speed can reach twice(Basic version) or even six times(Pro version) the default download speed of the browser, and the cached files can also be stored directly to Google Drive (Pro version).
2Where are the files downloaded to? Will it take up all my disk space?

CocoCut will caches all the file data, and when the cache is finished, click "Save" below the download progress bar and the downloaded file will be saved to the browser's default download location.See here for details.

The downloaded files are temporarily stored in the browser's memory, which is automatically emptied when the browser is closed and will not take up any disk or memory space.

3Why is the download speed still not fast?
CocoCut will attempt to use multiple threads to fetch download file data to achieve maximum download speed, but the maximum download speed will still depend on your network and file delivery site.