1Where did the downloaded file go? Will it take up all my disk space?

CocoCut will buffer all the video data, when buffer finished, Click "Save" below the video preview, The downloaded file will be saved to the default download location of the browser.See detail.

Click "Save buffered parts directly" will save all buffered parts to your computer.

The downloaded files are temporarily stored in the browser's memory, which is automatically emptied when the browser is closed and will not take up any disk or memory space.

2What is Recording mode?

Some videos cannot be downloaded directly. The recording mode can record the video while it is playing, and then download it as an MP4 file.

3How do I improve the resolution of recording mode?
Recording mode uses the resolution when the video is playing, select the resolution to download on the video playback page.
4Why does it keep showing recording?

The recording mode will wait for the playback completion signal of the playback page. After receiving the playback completion signal, it will automatically go to the recording completion status. If the video has indeed finished playing, you can directly click the green "Save" button to download the complete video.

5Why the download speed is not fast?

CocoCut will try to pull the video data with multiple threads, but the max download speed still depends on your network and the video provider.

6Can I save the downloaded video to other video formats?
CocoCut will directly save the video file to MP4 format, and will not transcode or compress the video. You can re-process the saved MP4 file.
7Why show error: Faild to fetch TS, HLS-encryption is not supported : abort
Because the video provider sites do not want their videos to be downloaded, they encrypt the video streams. CocoCut respects the choice of the video provider sites and will not support download such videos.
8Why can't I download it from a certain website? Why could I download it before, but now I can't?

CocoCut is a universal downloader that can download videos from all web technology-compliant sites, and is not specifically adapted to a single site.

When a site used to be downloadable and then suddenly became unavailable, it is possible that the site modified their video technology.

9Why is there only image or sound after downloading?

Only images or sounds are available after downloading, also because the video is not web-compliant and uses some proprietary or special video technology; in this case, you can convert the downloaded video to some other format by video converter such as FFMPEG, which may be able to fix it.

Or you can try to use 'recording mode'.

10Why does the downloaded video appear blurry or discontinuous?
The reason is the same as above, it is recommended to try to use 'recording mode'.